Criminal Law Arrest and Interrogation

When the topic of criminal law comes up, it is usually not an ideal situation for the person involved. Criminal law can involve Assault, Theft, Drug Crimes, DWI Cases and Probation Violation. The individual could have a warrant for their arrest out or they could be arrested under suspicion of committing a crime. In either instance, once they are arrested, they will be given their rights and possibly undergo an interrogation.

To have an arrest warrant issued, an officer has to have probable cause that the individual was involved in a crime. The officer must also submit a sworn affidavit detailing the probable cause.

As a criminal attorney in Rockwall, The Goodman Law Firm fights to protect clients that are arrested for criminal charges. Once a person is arrested there are many rights still available to them. It is our job to make sure all their rights are protected and they are treated according to the law.

Rights You Have After Arrest

  • The right to know what charges have been brought against them.
  • The right to be told the identity of arresting officers.
  • The right to communicate by telephone with an attorney, family, friends or a bondsperson.
  • The right to remain silent if questioned by police.
  • The right to be represented by an attorney before speaking with police.

Notice the last right listed…to be represented by an attorney before speaking with police. If you are involved in a criminal law situation, it is important you contact a qualified attorney as soon as possible.

While in police custody and under arrest, you have the right to remain silent. You do not have to answer questions or go through an interrogation. Any questions you do answer can be used as evidence against you.

The Goodman Law Firm is very experienced in Criminal Law matters. Our founding attorney has been involved in over 200 bench trials and countless trials by jury.

Guilty or not guilty, the person arrested still has rights and The Goodman Law Firm is not only here to protect those rights, but see their case to the best outcome possible. Schedule a Free Consultation today.

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