Probation Violation in Texas

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Probation, which is now called community supervision by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, is an alternative to jail time and is offered to some individuals who have been convicted of first-time offenses or minor crimes.

After being placed under supervision by the court, you will need to agree to a number of terms and conditions. These are rules and restrictions that you must follow while continuing on with your life. Each individual will have a unique set of conditions based on the particular issues involved in his or her case case.

What are some examples of conditions of community supervision?

Some of the conditions convicts are required to follow include that you must:

Not commit any other crimes during the period of supervision
Avoid habits that are considered injurious or vicious
Stay away from disreputable people / places
Allow your corrections representative to visit your place of residence / work
Abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the corrections department
Support your dependents as normally required by law
Submit to random drug testing
Pay fines / fees / restitution

What happens if I violate my probation?

By failing the terms of your supervision, you can face increased penalties of the original offense.

Your additional penalties for a probation violation may include:

Court fees
Mandatory counseling services
Community service
Service of the original maximum jail
Mandatory drug / alcohol rehabilitation programs

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