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Texas laws governing drug crimes are very serious and require experienced representation to help ensure that you receive a favorable outcome to your case. At The Goodman Law Firm, P.C., we have an in-depth understanding of the various federal and state laws and regulations governing drug crimes and we can use our experience to help provide you with aggressive defense. It is absolutely essential that you contact a criminal defense lawyer in  Rockwall as soon as possible following an arrest; the sooner you work with our firm, the sooner we can work toward providing you with desirable verdict or other case resolution. If you were arrested and charged with the sale or trade of drugs, manufacturing illegal substances, a marijuana crime, or another drug offense, you need to contact our firm right away.

What determines drug charges and penalties?

When determining the charges and penalties you may be facing, prosecutors will look into a number of various factors regarding your case. The amount, the type of drugs, and the intended use for the drugs will make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. Texas classifies drugs following the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration’s drug schedule. The scheduling is structured on a scale; the lower the schedule, the higher the penalties you may be facing. The following are examples of drug-related crimes that are prosecuted in the state of Texas:

Drug possession
Having paraphernalia on you or your property
Distributing illegal or controlled substances
Selling drugs
Delivery or transport of drugs
Manufacturing drugs

Work with The Goodman Law Firm, P.C.

People charged with a drug crime can face years in jail or prison, steep fines, and mandatory drug-awareness programs. There is a lot on the line when you are arrested and charged with a serious drug offense, and it is important that you contact an attorney as soon as possible. A number of defenses could be used in your case, including proving that you were wrongfully charged, that you were a victim of illegal search and seizure, or that you had a prescription for the substance found.

While this time in your life may seem difficult, it is important that you immediately contact The Goodman Law Firm, and retain the representation of an experienced legal professional. Our founding attorney has 13 years of experience handling complex criminal cases and may be able to help you as well.

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